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📰 Progressive Automation Pt II – PowerShell GUIs – [FoxDeploy]

In our previous post in the series, we took a manual task and converted it into a script, but our users could only interface with it by ugly manual manipulation of a spreadsheet.

📰 PowerShell Weekly – May 8, 2020 – [Matthew Dowst]

Here is your weekly round up of what is happening in the world of PowerShell. Do you have a suggestion for this post? Do you know something that should be included? Let me know in the comments below, or on twitter.

📰 C# to PowerShell an Introduction

I, like most C# developers, had heard about PowerShell since it came out. I originally shunned PowerShell as ‘just a scripting language’ and assumed it could never do what I could do with a custom C# tool. Over the past year I have learned how very wrong I was. In this article I will try to highlight some information about PowerShell I found useful during my transition.

📰 Getting Verified badge next to your GitHub commits in VS Code – [Przemyslaw Klys]

A bit over two years ago, I started posting my PowerShell code as modules on GitHub. Initially, I planned to have them hosted on my website, but few people asked to post it there, and they were right. It would be fairly hard for me to keep my code up to date on my website and, at the same time, let people submit bug reports or help with some PR. It was the right decision! Now that I’ve worked for over two years on GitHub as a daily driver, I wanted to get a new green badge that’s shown on GitHub when you edit some code. I don’t know if you ever noticed, but if you write any code, text file directly via the GitHub.com webpage, your commits always have Verified badge next to them.

📰 Jak dobre praktyki programowania przekładają się na rozwój aplikacji w chmurze? – [Damian Mazurek]

SOLID i inne dobre praktyki tworzenia oprogramowania są (mam nadzieję!) powszechnie znane i stosowane przez programistów na całym świecie. Pytamy o nie na rozmowach kwalifikacyjnych, wytykamy ich braki w przeglądzie kodu i mamy wyrzuty sumienia, gdy musimy przymknąć na nie oko, aby dostarczyć projekt na czas. W ostatnich latach świat […]

📰 Write PowerShell Online using Visual Studio Codespaces – [Thomas Maurer]

Last week the Visual Studio Services team announced a new service called Visual Studio Codespaces. Visual Studio Codespaces allows you to do cloud-hosted development for wherever you’re working. While the new services support many different programming and scripting languages, it also supports PowerShell. In this blog post, I am going to show you how you…

📰 Run PowerShell Code in Visual Studio Codespaces – [admin]

In this blog post, I will show you how I run PowerShell code  in Visual Studio Codespaces. About Visual Studio Codespaces Visual Studio Codespaces is a cloud-based hosted development environment powered by VS Code online version. Codespaces allows us to connect to our development environment and run code from the browser. The environment is powered …

📰 PowerShell & Selenium: Automate Web Browser Interactions – Part I

There comes a time when API’s or support from web app owners are just a no-go, when this happens, browser automation tactics come in handy! Selenium and PowerShell complement each other very well. At first glance this match may not sound as fancy as other marketed automation tools, but oh boy, it works and works very well, no need to spend money or run any 3rd party installers.

Skrypty, moduły PowerShell

📦 Remote Computer Inventory with PowerShell vNext, 2020 Edition – [David Hall]

This is the successor to the first inventory script I put together in 2016 (https://www.signalwarrant.com/remote-computer-inventory-powershell/)  This version uses the Get-CIMInstance CMDlet to get all the information from the WMI classes as opposed to the WMI CMDlets. I have also added some additional information that I thought was relevant. If you can think of anything else […]

📦 Get Installed PowerShell Versions – [Jeffery Hicks]

As is the norm for a typical day, I was working on one thing when I was distracted by a shiny rabbit hole (to mix some metaphors). Half a day later I have a new PowerShell function that not only might you find useful, but I think it has some nice scripting features you might…


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