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Kolejny tydzień i kolejne podsumowanie tego, co dzieje się w świecie PowerShell.

Wpisy i artykuły

📰 Using delegates in PowerShell – [Сергей Васин]

What is a delegate? This is an object type, that instantiates by associating with some method so that we can invoke this method by calling the delegate. Why is this needed? One of the cases – is that we can…

📰 PowerShell 7 Video Series – [Sydney Smith]

As a part of our PowerShell 7 release, the PowerShell Team put together a series of videos explaining and demoing aspects of the release. The intent of these videos was for User Groups to host events celebrating and discussing PowerShell 7,

📰 Open Windows Terminal PowerShell Split Paned – [Jeffery Hicks]

The other night I presented for the Mississippi PowerShell User Group on how to get started using Windows Terminal. This has been my go-to PowerShell console for quite a while. I use Windows Terminal for everything. During the talk a question came up about starting a session with split panes. This is a very cool…

📰 Manage Azure With Azure PowerShell – [admin]

In this blog post, I ill show you how to manage Microsoft Azure with Azure PowerShell. Microsoft Azure uses two main programming tools to manage Azure, and they are: AZ PowerShell This tool is made of modules that cmdlets based on PowerShell Core and capable of managing every Azure service. In late 2018 the tools …

📰 10 Tips for New Authors and Writers – [Prateek Singh]

10 Tips for New Authors and Writers   I was never good at writing, and maybe I’m still not. I am a work in progress! But still, I have somehow…

📰 PowerShell 7 Scripting with the PowerShell ISE – [Jeffery Hicks]

By now, everyone should have gotten the memo that with the move to PowerShell 7, the PowerShell ISE should be considered deprecated. When it comes to PowerShell script and module development for PowerShell 7, the recommended tool is Visual Studio Code. It is free and offers so much more than the PowerShell ISE ever could….

📰 Draw.IO Integration with VS Code

Over the weekend, I saw a tweet announcing a new extension for VS Code. The extension “Draw.IO Integration “enables you to create good looking diagrams directly inside VS Code. Insane, I thought, then I downloaded it. I think a youthful view is that this is DOPE!

Skrypty, moduły PowerShell

📦 PSScriptAnalyzer (PSSA) 1.19.0 has been released – [Jim Truher]

TL;DR; (Too Long; Didn’t Read)
This new minor version brings 5 new rules, the formatter is much faster and other enhancements and fixes. You can get it from the PSGallery here. At the same time the PowerShell extension for VS Code has released a new preview version.


Losowo wybrana dokumentacja, którą przejrzałem w tym tygodniu.

📑 about_Methods

Describes how to use methods to perform actions on objects in PowerShell.

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