[PowerShell.Week.Link]::New() – #19

By Linki, PowerShell

Kolejny tydzień i kolejne podsumowanie tego, co dzieje się w świecie PowerShell (ale nie tylko).

Wpisy i artykuły

📰 Windows Package Manager Preview

We are thrilled to announce the Windows Package Manager preview! If you’re already familiar with what a package manager is, feel free to skip this paragraph. If you’re still reading, you’re going to love this! A package manager is designed to help you save time and frustration.

📰 PSPropertyExpression type – [Сергей Васин]

Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.PSPropertyExpression type (it’s type accelerator – [pspropertyexpression]) exists in PowerShell from the beginning, but in version 6.1 it was made public, what makes it accessible to us, as a script and module authors. This type is used, for example, by…

📰 A PowerShell Counting Challenge – [Jeffery Hicks]

It is time for a new PowerShell scripting challenge. Today’s challenge is targeted at beginner and intermediate skill levels, although everyone is welcome to try their hand. To get the […]

📰 Refresh databases that belongs to Availability Group using dbatools – [Cláudio Silva]

Few days ago I was surfing on Twitter when dbatools asked about how it’s PowerShell module changed the way people work. We’re looking to highlight how dbatools has changed the way people work. What was your most exciting moment using dbatools or how did dbatools save you at work? 🤩 — dbatools (@psdbatools) May 16, […]

📰 The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Powershell in Azure Functions. – [Karel De Winter]

In this first part of a multi-series blog, I will explain why and how we should use Azure Functions and PowerShell together. Next, I will show you how to deploy a PowerShell based Function.

📰 Windows Terminal 1.0

Last year at Build 2019, we first announced the Windows Terminal. Since then, we have been working with the community to create a wonderful terminal experience while still being a preview product. Here we are at Build 2020 and we are so excited to share with you our latest announcements!

Skrypty, moduły PowerShell

📦 Running PowerShell Script (*.PS1) as a Windows Service

Any PowerShell script can be transformed to a real Windows service that runs in the background and starts automatically during your server boot. You can create a Windows service using srvany.exe or instsrv.exe tools (from Windows Server Resource 2003 Kit) which allow you to run the powershell.exe process with a parameter that contains the path to your PS1 script file.


Losowo wybrana dokumentacja, którą przejrzałem w tym tygodniu.

📑 About Scheduled Jobs Troubleshooting

Explains how to resolve problems with scheduled jobs

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