[PowerShell.Week.Link]::New() – #21

By Linki, PowerShell

Kolejny tydzień i kolejne podsumowanie tego, co dzieje się w świecie PowerShell (i nie tylko).

Wpisy i artykuły

📹 Cloud, Azure and DSC – [Dr. Tobias Weltner]

Watch sessions about mindblowing and fun PowerShell techniques, learn advanced know-how, and meet us in our live Q&A!

📰 Backup your SQL instances configurations to GIT with dbatools – Part 1 – [Cláudio Silva]

Today I want to share how I’m keeping a copy of instances’ configurations using dbatools. Chrissy LeMaire (B | T) wrote about it before on the Simplifying disaster recovery with dbatools blog post. In this post, I will add one step and save the output on a GIT repository. Pre-requirements You need a GIT repository … Continue reading Backup your SQL instances configurations to GIT with dbatools – Part 1

📰 Automating with PowerShell: an Azure DynDNS replacement. – [Kelvin Tegelaar]

We’ve been using DynDNS Managed DNS for a long time. We use Managed DNS to offer dynamically updating DNS records for clients with either on-site services, or where we believe that dynamic updating of records is needed. Oracle has bought DynDNS somewhere in 2019 and decided to slowly start killing off the DynDNS Managed DNS […]

📰 Stop Using +=, or How to Add Data to an Array – [actnjaxxon]

If you are coming to PowerShell from another scripting language you may fall into this coding trap. I know I did when I was first learning the ropes. It’s easy to miss too since your system probably won’t feel the load when running lighter tasks. However, this trick may save you when you are running 1000+ item reports. So let’s get into it.

Skrypty, moduły PowerShell

📦 Auto-Learning Auto-Completion – [Dr. Tobias Weltner]

Increase usability for your PowerShell functions by adding automatic parameter completion that learns from the user.

📦 Parse Email Address – [Matthew Dowst]

You can use this snippet to parse an email address and extract the different components of it. (Tip. It works for UPNs too) New-Object „System.Net.Mail.MailAddress” -ArgumentList $emailAddress


Losowo wybrana dokumentacja, którą przejrzałem w tym tygodniu.

📑 About Foreach-Parallel

Describes the ForEach -Parallel language construct in Windows PowerShell Workflow.

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