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Kolejny tydzień i kolejne podsumowanie tego, co dzieje się w świecie PowerShell.

Wpisy i artykuły

PowerShell command history – [Сергей Васин]

PowerShell keeps the history of executed commands. PowerShell itself keeps them in memory. In addition to this, the PSReadline module saves them in a file on the hard drive. that allows us to go back to command entered not only…

📰 A New Home for Plaster – [Jeffery Hicks]

Some of you may be familiar with the Plaster PowerShell module. This slick tool lets you build out a new module in seconds. Actually, Plaster can be used to scaffold a framework for any type of project. You can install the current version from the PowerShell Gallery. However, the project has been in limbo for a while with no updates or progress. After discussions with the PowerShell Team about the module, a decision was made to transfer ownership to the PowerShell community.

📰 PlasterTemplates – a PowerShell module, containing templates for use with Plaster – [Сергей Васин]

Plaster allows developers to scaffold file and folder structure for a new PowerShell module. Install To install the PlasterTemplates module use the following command. Help To get help use the following command. Templates PowerShellModule – create a new PowerShell module…

📰 Run in Sandbox – New version with multilanguages and Windows 10 2004 WSB options – [noreply@blogger.com (Damien Van Robaeys)]

In this post I will show you the new version of my tool Run in Sandbox that allows allows you to run directly a file in a Sandbox from a right-click on it.
It’s now available in different languages: French, English, Spanish, German, Italian.

My Windows Terminal Color Schemes – [Thomas Maurer]

The Windows Terminal became generally available at the Microsoft Build 2020 virtual conference a couple of weeks ago. I already blogged about how you can customize your Windows Terminal settings and shared my settings.json file. Many people asked me about the different Windows Terminal Color Schemes I use. So I thought a blog post would…

📰 Fun with Azure Key Vault Part 2: Integration with Azure Functions

Now that we have our credentials stored in an Azure Key Vault, how do we go about using them in other Azure services?

🚀 Validating ARM Templates with ARM What-if Operations – [TAO YANG]

The ARM template deployment What-if API was firstly announced to the general public at Ignite last year. It has finally been made available for public preview not long ago. This is a feature that I’ve been keeping close eye on ever since I heard about way before Ignite, when it was still under NDA.

🚀 Azure Tips and Tricks

Welcome to Azure Tips and Tricks, this site is a special collection of over 260+ tips, videos, conference talks that span the entire universe of the Azure platform. The tips you’ll find here are based on real-world scenarios that I’ve encountered (along with the community) while using Azure. Feel free to jump in and come back weekly for new tips! – Michael Crump (Twitter or Twitch)

Skrypty, moduły PowerShell

⚙️Monitoring with PowerShell: Monitoring Azure AD Devices and users age. – [Kelvin Tegelaar]

So we’re managing more and more cloud only clients. This is fantastic because you don’t have to worry about all the old worries like keeping a server online and updated. Another cool thing is that it becomes a lot easier to manage devices and endpoints. The thing is, even with Azure AD you still have […]

⚙️ Getting file metadata with PowerShell similar to what Windows Explorer provides – [Przemyslaw Klys]

I’m working on a new feature for one of my modules that requires me to know what kind of files I am working with. It’s quite easy in PowerShell, and without a lot of code, you can reasonably quickly get necessary information about data stored on your desktop or anywhere else for that matter.


Losowo wybrana dokumentacja, którą przejrzałem w tym tygodniu.

📑 About Remote

Describes how to run remote commands in PowerShell.

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